A massive moment for cricket in the United States as the sport is recommended for inclusion at the Los Angeles Olympic Games.

123 years after cricket’s last appearance at the Olympics, it has once again been recommended for inclusion by the organisers of Los Angeles 2028.

Whilst it is not the final decision, it is a significant moment for the sport which last featured in the Olympics all the way back in 1900 and is a landmark moment for cricket’s continued growth in the United States.

“Cricket’s inclusion in the 2028 Olympics is another major moment for the game in the US,” said Washington Freedom owner Sanjay Govil.

“This is yet another impetus as we grow the sport, serving the millions here who already love cricket, and showing the everyone else everything that it has to offer.

“I’m in no doubt the establishment of Major League Cricket, and this year’s first campaign, helped lead LA28 to this decision, and it’s credit to everyone who has played their part.

“This time next year we will be able to look back on a second MLC season, as well as the US and Caribbean hosting a T20 Men’s World Cup. The excitement is growing.

“We must press forward to develop the infrastructure to match this excitement, and that’s why we’re pressing on with developing our own stadium, in partnership with George Mason University.”

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